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The Myth of Rahoo and the Lunar Eclipse

Prologue Once upon a time, the sage-wizard Turawat went to visit heaven. While he was walking in the garden there, an angel gave him a garland. He was very happy. When he saw the god, Indra, on the back of an elephant, he gave him the garland. Indra thanked him and placed the garland on the head of the elephant. The fragrance of the garland was so strong, however, that the elephant went into musk. It took the garland off its head and threw it on the ground and crushed it under its feet. Turawat was offended: he thought the elephant did this on the command of Indra. In anger, he casts a spell on all deities to reduce their powers.

When the demons heard about this, they invade and the gods and deities were unable to repelthem. They lost every battle.

The story of puppet play: The Myth of demon, Rahoo, and the lunar eclipse
On earth, Hanuman (a white monkey and famous warrior of the Ramakian ) is chasing the beautiful Benjakai.He is trying to seduce her. But, gradually, owing to a lunar eclipse, he is unable to see her. He wonders Why?